About Me

To introduce myself, I'm Yomita Oberoi. I am a beautiful, tall, blonde woman. I'm a free-lance model working in Pune. You're well aware that I come from an affluent background. You can have a taste of me if you like. In Pune, I have my own escort business. Anyone uses my escort service the first time usually uses it again. I feel at home both in and out of Pune. You can reach me through my website if you're interested in my outer service or Escorts in Pune. Because I care about your every need and emotion, our service is unparalleled. When compared to other service providers in Pune, my rates are competitively low.

Word about My Neighborhood Babysitter

Also, we can find a thousand more if we look for an escort girl in Pune. I can promise you that we are the only legitimate escort service in Pune. We've been in business for the last seven years in Pune. Regardless matter where you are in Pune, we can provide you the finest possible service. Just give us a call whenever you need our help, and we'll be there for you.

My Outside Escort Service in More Detail

We do business both in and out of town. I can affirm there is a significant distinction between the local and external service. You'll want to reserve a hotel room in the Pune area. During the call, you will verify the hotel and room number with us. Our VIP service includes sending a team to your hotel room. We are in charge of the Pune area in general. Food, lodging, and travel fair are not included in the 30% surcharge for outside services. You must schedule our outside services at least three days in advance.

Package Details for Our Escort Services

As individuals, our preferences and financial capabilities vary widely. As a result, we've put up a variety of exclusive deals for both returning customers and brand-new ones. Even if you're on a tight budget, you may still take advantage of our various deals. Call us at any time to learn more about our rates and options.

About Your Way of Payment for Our Services

Our service facility accepts a variety of convenient payment methods. All major cash, debit, and credit cards are accepted when booking. We simply need 300/- in rupees for bookings. The price of our services varies with the level of care you want. Nevertheless, all packages include a booking fee. If, after making a reservation, you decide to cancel our service, we will charge you just 300/- Rupees.